When will it improve?

 It can not be affirmed or predicted with certainty. We must also consider the time from the accident, injury, the time of the cast ... or the establishment of the dysfunction. I wish I could predict how long it will last, but it is something usual in medicine. Each person reacts in a different way, has another constitution and different qualities.

 When will the inflammation go away? 

 In some people it disappears very quickly and in others slowly. To accelerate the process, you have to start with the movement little by little.

 My neighbor, a friend, a family member ... had the same and he is doing better 

 You can not always believe what people tell, and above all, what Google says, since every ailment is something very subjective, that no other can understand. Sometimes it's easier or "fun" to talk about bad things than good things. Therefore, it is very important not to be influenced.

 Why do not I get better? 

 It is the first question that has to be asked to the doctor. If in spite of that, the problem persists, there are factors that can explain it: -The weight, especially when it's too much. With this aspect,the matter  can be related to food, which is usually the first medicine in the body and can influence many problems.

 -Try to change habits, such as the posture and check the results. This can be very drastic and it is advisable to start with small goals.

 -Smoke. For example, not only is it harmful to the lungs. It can also influence the respiratory capacity and affect the diaphragm, which acts as a bellow with the organs of the abdominal cavity and which can also cause problems.

 -The psyche is an essential component, since sometimes we are prisoners of it. For this it is essential to try strategies to relax, such as psychology, sports, maintain good mental health, food ...

 Do I need an operation?

 What is damaged, remains so. Therefore, an operation is sometimes needed, which should always be the last option and after having consulted at least 2 doctors.

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