What is craniosacral therapy?

 Conscientious and sensitive use of cranio-sacral therapy can significantly alleviate or cure a large number of chronic and acute conditions, as can be seen from the list of indications. At the beginning of the 20th century, Dr. Sutherland based on osteopathy, the Craniosacral Osteopathy. The result is an ever finer, gentler, and more complete method that therapists use today to help many people with their healing processes. The doctor John Upledger (USA) worked on the scientific basis of this therapy and provided through training and textbooks for a dissemination of therapy in Europe.

 How does that affect? 

 The blockages in the central nervous system may lead to: Developmental disorders, Cryingbabies, concentration, speech and learning difficulties, hyperactivity, eye disorders and jaw malpositions, migraine, headache, hearing loss and tinnitus, sleep disorders, depression, mental stress, menstrual cramps and malpositions, disorders in motor skills, Overload syndromes and musculoskeletal pain (joints, nerves, chronic tension, etc.), spine and disc problems.

 How can the central nervous system become functional again? 

A gentle technique on the head and spine, while lying on the couch in deep relaxation, mobilizes the tissue in the central nervous system and releases the blockages.

 Gentle solution of tension

 An individual session in craniosacral therapy is deeply beneficial. Most patients experience a deep, "to the bone" relaxation and a feeling of relief after the session. Sometimes during the one-on-one session feelings arise that can be given room. Craniosacral therapy is not only suitable for symptoms of illness, but also for stress and excessive tension.

When is craniosacral therapy soothing? 

* In case of stress

* head, neck, shoulder tension

* Back problems, lumbago, sciatica

 * Muscle tension

 * Migraine

 * Nervousness

 * Rehabilitation after illness or accident spinal column, muscle and joint diseases

 * chronic pain conditions

 * Slingshot, Falls and Bruising traumas

 * Headaches and migraines

 * Sinusitis and tinnitus

*  Orthodontic problems

 * Regulation of internal organs

 * Indigestion

 * Changes in the brain and spinal cord area

 * Regulation of lymphatic system, endocrine system, vegetative and central nervous system

 * Immune system disorders

 * Asthma, allergies and skin diseases

 * stressful life situations

 * Sleep problems, fatigue, depression

 * Stress-related discomfort, burnout syndrome

 * psychosomatic complaints

 * Menstrual cramps

 * Pregnancy and birth accompaniment

 The osteopathic treatment does not replace any necessary conventional medical care. On the contrary, it complements it and is itself supported by other naturopathic procedures.

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