The Parietal Osteopathy is the oldest part of the Osteopathy and its considered as the basis or fundament of the Osteopathic Treatment. 

 It tries to correct the injury patterns of the Skeletal Bone System, regarding the Muscles, Connective Tissue, Tendons, Membranes...


  •  Movement system Pains. 
  •  Spine Movement Limitations. 
  •  Spine and Iliosacral Joint Pains.
  •  Pains due to the Hip or Spine Posture. 
  •  Shoulders and Arm Pains.
  •  Foot and Ankle Pains. 
  •  Compensatory Mechanism because of Degenerative Processes.
  •  Post Ruptures Operatory Treatment.
  •  Post Accidents Treatments.

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