About me

From 2006 to 2018 I worked in Vienna in a Rehabilitation Centre and since 2013 as a Freelancer.

With my bike I have already made 6 Saint James Ways, I was already skydiving and did wonderful travels such as to Kenya, China, Syria, Jordan, Dubai, Brasil .

I speak German, English, Spanish, Italian and a little bit of French. One of the things that I enjoy is reading, traveling, going to the movies, riding a bike and doing sports and of course my job! I am happy to get to know new cultures, I am interested in different opinions, views and perspectives ... there is so much and only one life!

The beauty of my job is to improve your health and lifestyle and that is what I will try!


 I will try not only to look at the problem, but to establish a connection through my hypothesis. To outsmart the pain, that is, the problem may not necessarily originate from where the pain occurs, but possibly elsewhere in the body. For example, pain in the left arm may also be related to the stomach, sweats to the thoracic spine, or cold feet to the lumbar spine.

My goal is to find a way for the body to become fully healthy and be balanced. That's why I use manual therapy so it can produce a pleasant and successful effect. I do not just want to be right, I just want to help. It is all a little help, since the therapy with e.g. Sport, diet, attitude... should be complemented. With the common will from you and me, we can try to eliminate the problem.

  •  Manually good
  •  Interest 
  •  Attention
  •  Understanding
  •  Experience Languages
  •  Commitment
Block Quotes:
  • Have the hole in the roof repaired. 
  • Find the way to health.
  •  Everyone can find a disease, but not everyone can treat it. 
  • The body is a unity. 
  • Healthier than yesterday, but worse than tomorrow.
  •  First, you treat what you find. 
  • Find the balance. 
Why me? 

Because I...
  •  -Have more than 15 years experience in different institutions and countries. 
  • -I am  motivated and honest. 
  • -Good at listening . 
  • -Give a high value to osteopathy and physiotherapy
  • -I am good with people.
  • -I am very professional.
  • - I am patient.

2006-present       Different Rehabilitation Centers in Vienna, Austria.
2001-2005Different Rehabilitation and Geriatric Centers in Vienna, Austria.

2015-present DONAU UNIVERSITÄT KREMS, (UNIVERSITY OF DONAU KREMS), Krems, Austria. Osteopathy training with a duration of 5 years.
2008-2015WSO, (VIENNESE SCHOOL FOR OSTEOPATHY), Vienna, Austria.
Basic Formation with a duration of 5 years.
1997-2000FACULTY OF PHYSIOTHERAPY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLA, Seville, Spain. Bachelor of Physiotherapy with a duration of 3 years.

2015            TYPALDOS FASCIAL DISTORSION MODEL , Vienna, Austria. 
Module 1,2 and 3 in Physiozentrum für Weiterbildung, (Physiotherapy Center  for Continuing Education)
2004  COURSE OF PALPATORY ANATOMY AND CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS, Madrid, Spain. Training of 26 hours in Physioformation.

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