Osteopathy is a holistic therapy, which requires the hands for diagnosis and treatment. The main foundations are to consider the body as a global entity, its capacity for self-regulation and self-healing and the reciprocal action between structure and function.

 The objective of osteopathic treatment is to correct the restrictions of structures and organs in order to achieve corporal and spiritual recovery.

 This is achieved thanks to:

 - A differential diagnosis of the structural limitations of mobility and its effects, through osteopathic clinical examinations.

 -Recognition of the different models of dysfunctions.

 -A correction through soft manual techniques, which the osteopath chooses from his wide repertoire and adapting to the individual needs of the patient.

 Osteopathy comprises a work of all body structures: bone, muscle, connective tissue, organs, skull ...
This requires a detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, as well as a long experience in palpatory properties.

 To improve patient care, we collaborate with other medical specialties.

 No medication or injections are used. 

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