Computer solution

 Now that we are working more at home, many patients come to me with a frequent question regarding their posture as they are work in front of a computer.

Posture is essential, as one drives a car,  it is advisable to step out every 20 to 30  minutes and move around. When you work in front of a computer, it is a good idea to change postures regularly.
Sometimes space is limited, and one believes that it is impossible to stretch out, yet I am going to give you some pointers to help you:

Use a computer or laptop support; this device allows you to adjust the height whether you stand or sit. There are many models with varying features; try them out, but make sure to look for

• The screen should be at eye level, without any lights or reflections, at the arms-length distance

• The keyboard should be at elbow height without lifting the shoulders. When using a laptop, it is advisable to have a separate wireless keyboard and, of course, a mouse support.

• Use a foot support to place one foot when standing, or both when sitting.

• Remember that you can deduct these purchases in Austria as it is considered office material, don´t forget to speak to your financial adviser.

You can search the internet for Adjustable computer stand/Verstellbare laptop Tisch.

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